Online courses and lectures

Death, taught by Shelly Kagan.

Inequality and democracy, taught by my former Utrecht colleagues Rutger Claassen, Michael Bennet, and Yara Al Salman.


Distributive justice, edited by Serena Olsaretti. First academic reference work devoted to distributive justice.

Normative ethics, by Shelly Kagan. The best textbook on normative ethics I am aware of. I particularly like how carefully Kagan distinguishes between moral factors and theoretical foundations.

On what matters, by Derek Parfit. The project of trying to reconcile consequentialism, kantianism, and contractualism is very interesting. Parfit’s writing is extremely clear. And figuring out where you disagree is a wonderful exercise.


3:16, by Richard Marshall. Archive of interview series with notable philosophers.

Interview with Tim Scanlon, by Yascha Mounk.

Philosophy bites podcast, by Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds. 15 to 20 minute interviews with leading philosophers.