I am assistant professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at Tilburg University and a postdoctoral research fellow at Utrecht University.

I completed my PhD in Philosophy at Tilburg University. Before that, I did an MA at Erasmus University, an MSc at the Stockholm School of Economics, and a BA at University College Utrecht.

I have been on research visits to Oxford, Pompeu Fabra University, and Yale.

My research is in moral and political philosophy. I mainly work on topics in distributive justice, particularly on desert, egalitarianism, and property. I also have a research interest in the ethics of markets, the meaning and future of work, moral status, personal identity, the value of life and death, and wellbeing.

I am currently working on two books. The first is a monograph on meritocracy that will initially appear in Dutch, titled Je verdiende loon? (Earning What You Deserve?). The second is an edited volume on wealth and power.

I am one of the editors of the Dutch philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien. I am a member of the board of the Netherlands Centre for Dialogue.

You can email me on H [dot] M [dot] Brouwer [miukumauku] tilburguniversity [dot] edu. You can also, if you like, connect with me on LinkedIn.

My resume is here.

I tweet on @BrouwerHuub.