October 2020. Workshop “Wealth and Democracy: Maintaining Political Equality in a Capitalist Society”, Utrecht University, Driebergen, the Netherlands (with Michael Bennett and Rutger Claassen).

Confirmed speakers: Richard Arneson, Gillian Brock, Elliot Bulmer, Thomas Christiano, Rutger Claassen, Chiara Destri, Jessica Flannigan, Joe Guinan, Jessica Kimpell, Martin O’Neill, Phil Parvin, Emma Saunders-Hastings, Igor Shoikhedbrod, Stuart White, Anahí Wiedenbrug.

Funded by: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

May 2020. Conference “Egalitarianism and the Future of Work”, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm (with Willem van der Deijl and Markus Furendal).

Confirmed speakers: Richard Arneson, Anca Gheaus, Karim Jebari, Joseph Heath, Lisa Herzog, Tom Parr, Jill Rubery, Lukas Stanczyk, Nicholas Vrousalis.

Funded by: the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Society for Applied Philosophy, and Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

January 2020. Workshop “Ethics and Economics”, Utrecht University, Utrecht.

Speakers: Huub Brouwer, Rutger Claassen, Anca Gheaus, Jeffrey Moriarty, Ingrid Robeyns.

Commentators: Yara Al Salman, Alexander Andersson, Constanze Binder, Dick Timmer, Nicholas Vrousalis.

January 2020. Workshop “Family Justice”, Tilburg University, Tilburg.

Speakers: Anca Gheaus, Serena Olsaretti.

Commentators: Tim Meijers, Jeffrey Moriarty.

August 2018. PhD summer school “Current Issues in Ethics and Economics”, Tilburg.

Lecturers: Huub Brouwer, Bea Cantillon, Rutger Claassen, Wim Dubbink, Louise Haagh, Joseph Heath, Lisa Herzog, Sven Nyholm, Joakim Sandberg, Ruth Yeoman.

June 2018. VURANT workshop, for graduate students, Tilburg (with Tim Klaassen).

March 2018. Workshop “Making Hard Choices: The Ethics and Economics of Health Care”, Tilburg (with Bart Engelen and Naftali Weinberger).

Speakers: Yvonne Dernier, Daniel Hausman, Conrad Heilmann, Peter Kooreman, Marcel Verweij.

November 2017. Symposium on Rutger Claassen’s “Navigational Agency: A Capability Theory of Justice”, 5th conference Dutch Research School in Philosophy, Utrecht.

Commentators: Huub Brouwer, Martin van Hees, Thomas Nys, Jojanneke Vanderveen. 

August 2015. PhD summer school “Emotions and Moral Agency”, Rotterdam (with Maureen Sie).

Lecturers: Leon de Bruin, Giovanna Colombetti, Frank Hindriks, Marinus van IJzendoorn, Esther Kroeker, Steven Kushner, David Pizarro, Heleen Pott, Sabine Roeser, Hanno Sauer, Katrien Schaubroeck, Maureen Sie.